STARCON Lifting Eyes

Starcon Lifting Eyes are designed for years of safe and efficient use. Starcon Lifting Eyes can be used in combination with other dog-bone style anchors, provided they meet the same standards as the Starcon products in regard to material, strength, and dimensions.

Before leaving the factory a number of checks are performed, insuring that every lifting eye complies with our strict standards. The material and dimensional specifications are checked. From there, random lifting eyes undergo destructive testing to confirm their ultimate capacity. Following that, every lifting eye is bench tested to twice the safe working load, stamped with a serial number, and issued a test certificate. These checks help to insure the safety of you and your customers.

Starcon Lifting Eye with Standard Link

Starcon Lifting Eye with Chain Link

Please Note:

The Starcon Lifting Eyes should be checked once per year, or at the latest 12 months after the first use. They should be checked for possible damages and wear and tear. At considerable wear, stroke marks or the like, the Starcon Lifting Eye should be scrapped. Modifications or repairs of the Starcon lifting, especially weldings, should never occur.