Zap Screwlok®

Zap Screwlok® – SL, Type 2 & Epoxy

Shear Screw & Wedge Coupling Sleeve

  • Retrofit or repair existing structures
  • Eliminate expensive rebar-welds
  • Connect bars across closure pours
  • No specialized equipment required. For quickest installation, use a standard air impact wrench.
  • Sizes available: 10M – 55Min both Standard (SL series) and High Strength (Type 2 series)

Simple installation – Screws embed into the rebar surface while the rebar deformations interlock within the coupler wall resulting in a full positive connection for transferring tension or compression force. Available in black, epoxy- coated and galvanized finishes and for connecting two different bar diameters (transition application).

Double Barrel Zap Screwlok®

Shear Screw and Double Wedge Mechanical Lap Splice

  • Applications: widen bridges, slab repair, closure pours, connect hoop bars in piles to terminate spirals
  • Compact Design – significantly shorter than mechanical butt splices and lap splices
  • No specialized equipment needed. A standard air impact wrench is sufficient.
  • Sizes available: 10M – 25M
Zap T-Lok™

Shear Screw and Wedge Headed Device

  • Applications: Replaces hooks and alleviates congestion.
  • Field Installed: No threading required. Ideal for repair or retrofit.
  • Transmits bond force from the rebar to concrete through head bearing.
  • Head area- Exceeds 9Ab net bearing in tension.

Zap Screwlock Brochure