BSV Lifting Equipment

BSV has been manufacturing lifting grabs in Denmark for over 50 years; offering a complete line lifting clamps. The clamps listed in this catalog represent a small part of the line. Please visit our web site to see more lifting options. Weather it is a standard clamp, or custom grab, we can provide safe, high quality, lifting equipment to meet all of your requirements.

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Barrier Grab Type 1507

Scissor grab type 1507 is the easy way to lift and move road barriers using a reliable mechanical ratchet system. The grab is a top quality product, Scissor grab type 1507 is the easy way to lift and designed, engineered and manufactured in Denmark.

Black or Grey non-marking pads available.
Grab type 1507Jaw length (in / mm)Span (in / mm)Unit Weight (lbs / kg)WLL (lbs / kg)
15070047 1/4” / 1200 mm7” / 180 mm383 lbs. / 175 kg4400 lbs. / 2000 kg
15072047 1/4” / 1200 mm7” / 180 mm383 lbs. / 175 kg7700 lbs. / 3500 kg
15073047 1/4” / 1200 mm7” / 180 mm475 lbs. / 215 kg9900 lbs. / 4500 kg
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Barrel Grab Model 685 HD

The BSV Barrel Grab is a mechanical grab designed to pick up barrels that range in diameter from 38”- 84”. The model 685 HD has a safe working load of 6050 lbs. Larger capacity barrel grabs are available as a special order. This unit has a built in fork pocket.

Pipe Grab Model RG

The BSV RB series of mechanical grabs are designed to safely lift smaller diameter pipe. Standard grabs are built to suit pipe from 6” to 24”. Custom grabs are available for 30”- 62” pipe. Models are available with asymmetrical arms to allow closer stacking. Can be used with optional fork yoke.

Large Block Grab Model 203/406

The BSV 203/406 Series is designed to lift large scale wall block.

Model 203 has a lifting range from 15 3/8” – 25 1/2”, 1650 lbs. capacity.

Model 406 (pictured) has a lifting range of 15 3/8” – 25 1/2”, 3300 lbs. capacity.

BSV Scissor CLAMP model 760/50Z

The width of this clamp can be adjusted from 15.75” to 42”. A maximum safe working load of 3,300 lbs. Extremely versatile, ideal for multi-purpose use.

BSV 32/38

The 32/38 will safely lift loads from 32” to 38” and up to 4070 lbs. This clamp will perform.

BSV Pallet Fork model PG 100/2-SSB-SBL self-balancing

This model has a spring-loaded head so that the fork always remains horizontal, loaded or unloaded.

Lifting capacity of 4,400 lbs.
Fork adjustment 15.75” – 37.4” Height adjusts to 102”
Extensive range of forks available


A lightweight clamp suitable for lifting curbs and other narrow stones. Lifts from 4” to 15” at a maximum safe working load of 1540 lbs.

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